Frog Street Pre-K Curriculum

"What you teach me birth to three will be what matters most to me. What you teach me three to five will be what makes me grow and thrive. ”Dr. Pam Schiller, Frog Street Curriculum Author

Language & Literacy Skills

The Frog Street Press Curriculum supports every ascpect of your child's development----physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and linguistic. One important focus is the development of language and literacy skills.

The program is supported by the impressive body of research on how young children develop early literacy and pre-reading skills. Children learn skills through playful, child-centered activities that ensure they maintain their love of language as they develop their ability to decipher it.

Frog Street Press Pre-K honors this joyful approach to learning. Woven into intriguing themes, language and literacy activities are designed to purposefully address the following:

- Phonological Awareness

- Alphabet Knowledge

- Vocabulary

- Comprehension

- Written Expression

Mathematics Skills

As society continues to adapt to the 21st century's technological expansion, our country's economic vitality and positioning as a global competitor increasingly hinges on our children's interest and competency in mathematics. To meet that challenge, Frog Street Pre-K draws upon an impressive body of research that outlines how young children as early as three are capable of engaging and exploring fundamental, yet surprisingly complex, mathematical ideas. This program provides purposeful, engaging mathematical investigations and activities that build upon your child's informal understanding of patterns, number, measurement, and shape. The following overview summarizes the knowledge and skills that your child will learn in relation to three critical content domains as specified and recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics magics (NCTM). Listed below are the following areas that will be addresses:

- Numbers and Operations

- Geometry and Spatial Awareness

- Measurement


Frog Street Pre-K